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A Letter From Camp:

Dear Mom and Dad,

Our scoutmaster told us to write to our parents in case you saw the flood on
TV and are worried. We are OK. Only one of our tents and 2 sleeping bags got washed away. Luckily, none of us got drowned because we were all up on the mountain looking for Chad when it happened.

Oh yes, please call Chad's mother and tell her he is OK. He can't write
because of the cast. I got to ride in one of the search and rescue jeeps. It
was neat. We never would have found him in the dark if it hadn't been for
the lightning.

Scoutmaster Walt got mad at Chad for going on a hike alone without telling
anyone. Chad said he did tell him, but it was during the fire so he probably
didn't hear him. Did you know that if you put gas on a fire, the gas can
will blow up? The wet wood didn't burn, but one of the tents did. Also
some of our clothes. David is going to look weird until his hair grows back.

We will be home on Saturday if Scoutmaster Walt gets the car fixed. It
wasn't his fault about the wreck. The brakes worked OK when we left.
Scoutmaster Walt said that a car that old you have to expect something to
break down; that's probably why he can't get insurance. We think it's a
neat car. He doesn't care if we get it dirty, and if it's hot, sometimes he
lets us ride on the fenders. It gets pretty hot with 10 people in a car. He
let us take turns riding in the trailer until the highway patrolman stopped
and talked to us.

Scoutmaster Walt is a neat guy. Don't worry, he is a good driver. In fact,
he is teaching Terry how to drive on the mountain roads where there isn't
any traffic. All we ever see up there are logging trucks. This morning all
of the guys were diving off the rocks and swimming out in the lake.
Scoutmaster Walt wouldn't let me because I can't swim, and Chad was afraid
he would sink because of his cast, so he let us take the canoe across the
lake. It was great. You can still see some of the trees under the water
from the flood.

Scoutmaster Walt isn't crabby like some scoutmasters. He didn't even get mad
about the life jackets. He has to spend a lot of time working on the car
so we are trying not to cause him any trouble.

Guess what? We have all passed our first aid merit badges. When Dave dove in the lake and cut his arm, we got to see how a tourniquet works. Wade and I
threw up, but Scoutmaster Walt said it probably was just food poisoning from
the leftover chicken. He said they got sick that way with food they ate in
prison. I'm so glad he got out and became our scoutmaster. He said he sure
figured out how to get things done better while he was doing his time.

Don't worry about anything. We are fine.

Love, Cole

The Boy Scouts of America
(for Girl Scouting, Just Scroll Down a Little)

General Comments

In this new age, politically correct culture of queer theory where everything conservative, traditional, or manly is being attacked, slandered, and castigated, you will have, no doubt, seen or heard about all the liberally righteous uproar about the "evils" in Boy Scouting:

Evil #1
About their stubborn reluctance to accept, condone, or honor homosexual members or leaders.

Evil # 2
About their insistence on including a reverence for God as part of their creed and in some of their ceremonies.

Evil #3
That The Mormon Church is a major sponsor of the Boy Scouts which, somehow, implies a secret and evil plot by religious do-gooders to brain wash our nation's children into becoming....I guess the fear is that Scouting might influence our young people into becoming upstanding citizens.

I think those are the main points of the frequently repeated articles and rants against the Scouts.  I don't know where you stand on any of these issues, and for the moment, I don't care.  If you're uneasy, or even downright against the  exclusion of  homosexuals or the inclusion of religion in this organization, fine; but give it a break for few moments and consider what Boy Scouting is REALLY ABOUT:

What Scouting is really about is a much more touchy subject than the superficial issues in the headlines.  Scouting is about mildly molding and shaping excitable, rambunctious, greedy, sexually immature, horny,  good, bad, curious, mischievous, bored, undisciplined, young boys into a better person.  Basically, boys of all types, whether shy and needing lots of encouragement, or boisterous and needing a firm hand, are given an opportunity... and an environment... to learn skills, to overcome the fears and challenges of being in the wilderness, to gain confidence, to get along with others, to achieve awards and goals, to mix with others of divergent backgrounds, to become leaders and decision makers, and most of all to confront their own personalities: Scouts are forced in many minor ways to ask themselves what kind of person am I? and how can I become this phantom person that Scouting is all about; Someone who is Kind, Trustworthy, Reliable... ?

What is the ideal MAN?  What a huge topic.  What a huge arena for controversy and debate.  As a devoted father, I frequently ponder what I want for my sons.  I often feel guilty because my sons are growing up so fast and I've had so little time to teach them what I wish I knew at their age. (My father died when I was it happens, while I was away at a Scout Camp)  If I were a perfect father and time and money were not limited; What would I introduce to my boys?

If you're a young boy, how do you picture yourself as a man 10-15 years from now ?

As a father, I want my boys to:

Know how to do things.  It takes a lot of time, practice, and mistakes to  learn how to build things well, to fix things around the house, and to keep machinery running. 

Be comfortable with nature and learn to appreciate and love the great outdoors.

To get a feel for living without hot water, a soft bed, fast food, and all the other parts of "normal" living in this age.
I want them to have at least basic skills in first aid, what to do in emergencies and water safety.

I want them to have the opportunity,  confidence building, and thrill of trying out horse back riding, white water rafting, water skiing, snow skiing, rappelling, spelunking, canoeing, archery, shooting, and all the many other activities Scouts do on a regular basis.

I want them to visit factories, businesses, and our halls of government to get a feel for how things in our society work.

I want them to have fun.

But most of all,  I want them to grow into the kind of men that their future wives, family, and community will respect and love as reliable, spiritually and mentally wholesome, and justifiably proud.


and Brave.

Giving boys the opportunity to learn and experience all these things are what the Boy Scouts are all about.  Let's face it, young men tend to take one of two basic paths in early adulthood...a path toward being a trustworthy, productive, self respecting citizen...or a path toward the dark side of crime, destructive behavior, and unreliability.
Which of these two paths a young man takes usually depends on his upbringing, friends, and experiences as a boy.  Getting involved in Scouting is one of the best things that can happen to a boy needing guidance, encouragement, role models, good friends, and oppertunity.

What to Expect
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Why you Should Join
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A Little History

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The Mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law

Every generation has unique experiences that are shaped by their era.  There are usually stark contrasts between the experiences of youth and their parents.

Most 12 year old boys today probably

never lived in a house without a microwave, VCR, or TV remote control

would not recognize an eight-track tape and never owned a record album

do not know the names Hawkeye Pierce or Johnny Carson

always considered rollerskating to mean "in-line"

and don't know what the "Cold War" was about.

However, some elements in the lives of boys are timeless.  The need for people to feel respected, valued, accepted, and connected to theose around them are constant from generation to generation.  Parents help meet these needs in youth trhough making the right types of investment in youth.

With a growing concern about the climates in which our children are growing up, adults are paying more attention to how and where youth spend their time.  The emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of young boys are met (or unmet) through their environment.

A recent study by Louis & Harris Associates (1998) demonstrates that boys in Scouting are provided with surroundings that help guide them in developing uch values as

A sense of pride in America

Moral Principles

A relationship with God 

Adolescense is a time when high self-esteem can be critical for successfully navigating the challenges of young adulthood.  This trait is built over time, through positive experiences.  Scouting fosters self-esteem by placing a boy in settings where his peers and mentors are pulling ofr him.  When boys are encouraged and complimented for their efforts, they gain a sense of value and belonging.  They also experience a sense of accountability and teamwork.  Each boy learns that his role is important to contributing to the total team's outcome.

In Scouting, boys learn through the experiences of camping, hiking, building projects and community service.  These experiences allow boys to grow and mature at their own pace.

It is also through these experiences that parents and sons get an opportunity to share and talk about their thoughts, feelings, goals, and values.  And while on Scout outings,  boys get to hang out and talk with adult volunteers and other boy's parents who, often as not, are respected pillars of the community.  Adults involved in Scouting tend to be exceptionally nice people and eager to help the young boys around them find their way, gain confidence, learn skills, and talk about everything from dealing with bullies to hashing out the hurt feelings of a family going through divorce.

What goals do you have for you and you son this year?  Parents of Scouts encourage their sons to be in Boy Scouting because they believe the program helps them:

Learn self-reliance

Learn moral values

Be in a friendly and safe environment

Participate in community service

Build friendships

Get positive role models

Learn respect for others

A special comment about a racial issue:  Another positive benefit of Scouting is that boys of different ethnic groups are put together in small groups, where in my experience, color quickly becomes unimportant.  Let's face it; because of peer pressure in places such as at large public schools, it's hard for boys to intermingle with kids from different groups (the jocks, the tough kids, the popular kids, the geeks and nerds, and all the sub groups that unfortunately divide along ethnic lines.)  In Scouting, this problem largely disappears, allowing boys to escape the strictures of their school group and seeing for themselves that we aren't all that different.

And since most boys are in uniform at meetings, boys gain a sense of being part of a team, without the socioeconomic barrieres that might otherwise be expressed through attire.

Developing strong relationships with youth happens through sharing time with them.  If you are looking for a proven avenue for helping you devote more meaningful time to your son, call your local Boy Scout council today, listed in the white pages of the phone book.  Or go to the BSA national Web site at

Boy Scouts of America

1325 West Walnut Hill Lane
PO Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015-2079

Girl Scouts:

Local Troop Information

Boy Scouts:
In UpState South Carolina; there is now an excellent web site up with all our district information, upcoming events, who to contact etc:  BlueRidgeCouncil

Girl Scouts:   The website of our UpState area district

Boy Scout Links

Explore the world of scouting from its foundations to the modern day at this official and extensive home page. Tips, facts, fun and activities.

Songbook of Song Lyrics for Boy Scout Camp and Troop Meetings
A songbook containing lyrics of songs for scout meetings and camping trips a resource for scoutmasters

Songs for Scouts to Sing
Songs for Scouts to Sing November 19, 1998 This collection contains words to songs that reflect time-honored singing traditions of various Scout organizations in English-speaking nations.

The Girl Scouts of America

General Comments
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What to Expect

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Why you Should Join

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A Little History

Throughout its long history, Girl Scouts experienced many firsts and milestones. They were made possible by the strength and dedication of countless far-sighted individuals  mostly volunteers  who tirelessly served girls and promoted Girl Scouting.

Girl Scouting began with 18 Girls in Savannah, Georgia, in 1912

Visionary Juliette Gordon Low, referred to as "Daisy," dreamed of giving the United States "something for all the girls." She envisioned an organization that would bring girls out of their cloistered home environments to serve in their communities and experience the open air.

Within months, girl members were hiking through the woods in their knee-length blue uniforms, playing basketball in a curtained-off court, and going on camping trips.

Nurtured by Daisy's personal funding,  (she sold her extremely valuable necklace of rare matched pearls to finance operations in the early days)  and her unique brand of enthusiasm, the Girl Scout movement attracted the attention of many talented, educated women and girls by providing an outlet for their abilities.

Initially, Girl Scouting in the United States was dependent on the British Girl Guide example for its name, uniform, handbook and basic ideas. But by 1920, the Girl Scouts were growing more independent, with its own uniform; its handbook, Scouting for Girls; and its own constitution and bylaws, contained in the Blue Book of Rules for Girl Scout Captains.

Within a few years, Daisy's dream for a girl-centered organization was realized.

Scattered troops coalesced into a national organization (the organization incorporated in 1915 and began holding annual conventions).

Girl Scouts established a system of national training schools for leaders.

A number of colleges and institutions of higher learning offered Girl Scout Leadership Training Courses to young women and many universities began offering scholarships for Girl Scouts.

The Executive Board inaugurated a fund raising plan to finance the organization and relieve the burden on Juliette Low.

In 1917, the organization chartered the first Girl Scout council in Toledo, Ohio; the first troop for disabled girls met in New York City; first Girl Scout troops were formed in Hawaii; and the first Black troop began.
Membership further diversified with the establishment of the first Native American Girl Scout troop in 1921 outside of Syracuse, New York and the organization of the first troop of Mexican-American girls in 1922 in Houston, Texas.

When the United States entered World War I, Girl Scouts served their country on the home front, working in hospitals, growing vegetables, and selling defense bonds. After the war came The Golden Eaglet, a feature film about Girl Scouting shown in theaters across the country, and The American Girl (earlier called The Rally), a popular magazine for young girls, made Girl Scouting even more popular.

By the time Girl Scout membership reached 137,000 in 1926, the organization had its own national training center for Girl Scout leaders; Camp Edith Macy

By 1929, membership was over 200,000, the khaki uniform was replaced with a green one, and Girl Scout camps were setting national standards for safety and health.

The severe economic hardships of the Great Depression in the 1930s tested the resourcefulness of the organization and its members. Girl Scouts proved worthy of the challenge as they joined the relief effort, collecting clothes, food, and toys; volunteered in hospitals; and worked on community canning projects.

In 1936, the national Girl Scout organization began the process to license the first commercial baker to produce cookies that would be sold by girls in Girl Scout councils. Enthusiasm for Girl Scout cookies spread nationwide. In 1937, more than 125 Girl Scout councils reported holding cookie sales.

With the coming of war in the early forties, Girl Scouts again served on the home front, collecting fat and scrap metal and growing Victory Gardens.

Re-incorporation of Girl Scouts of the USA in 1950 under a congressional charter began the 1950s. Bought in 1953 and later restored, the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace  in Savannah, Georgia, was opened as a house museum and national program center for girls in October 1956.

The social unrest of the 1960s was reflected in organization actions and Girl Scout program change, including introduction in 1963 of four program age levels for girls: Brownie, Junior, Cadette, and Senior Girl Scouts.

The National Board went on record as strongly supporting civil rights. Senior Girl Scout Speakout conferences were held around the country and the "ACTION 70" project was launched in 1969, both as nationwide Girl Scout initiatives to overcome prejudice.

"Eco-Action," a national environmental program, and swearing in of the first Black National President, Gloria D. Scott, were turning points of the seventies.

The 1980s began with the introduction of new program resources, a new Daisy Girl Scout age level for girls five years old or in kindergarten, and the opening of Edith Macy Conference Center. It also introduced a series of publications dealing with contemporary issues, such as child abuse, youth suicide, literacy, and pluralism.

During the nineties, Girl Scouting experienced a renewed emphasis on physical fitness with the inauguration of a health and fitness national service project in 1994 and the GirlSports initiative in 1996.

Throughout its history, Girl Scouting has held on to its traditional values while maintaining a contemporary outlook  a dual focus expected to continue in the 21st century.


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Local Troop Information

  About our local troops in UpState South Carolina; coming soon

Girl Scout Links

Girl Scouts; USA:  Official site provides background about the organization, a section just for girls, adult information, and purchasable merchandise.

Your guide to local scouting organizations.

Sea Scouts & Mariner Girl Scouts
Scouting offeres sailing opportunities to teens in many parts of the world.

Juliette Low - Deaf Founder of Girl Scouts
Resources for learning more about the deaf founder of the Girl Scouts, Juliette Low.

Girl Scout Songs

The GuideZone Songbook Welcome, everyone, to the Official GuideZone Songbook! Included in these pages are a vast number of songs, gathered from all over the globe. You are welcome to download any of these pages for use in your Guide units

Girl Scout Music: Sound Room
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Mountain View Girl Scouts
In Memory of All the Lives so Tragically Lost on September 11, 2001!

Girl Scout Service This site provide service unit updates,& girl scout links for crafts, service project ideas and songs.

Girl Scout Songs
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Girl Scout Ceremonies November 19, 1998 An anthology of material, for use in putting together a range of GS ceremonies (see Table of Contents) Compiled by Neil Savage

Leominster Girl Scouts (a member or the Montachusett Girl Scout Council and Apple Valley Association) Girl Scout Ceremonies I have included some information from my personal files as well as the councils. For a comprehensive site...

"A ceremony should be loud enough to be heard. It should be simple enough tounderstood. It should be interesting enough to hold attention. It should make everyone a participant, and it should touch the emotions."

Girl Scout Ceremonies for general occassions.

For the Girl Scout Ways Try-it we are doing the following activities: We made a poster showing girls living by the Girl Scout Law. We made our Sit-upons. We enjoyed S'Mores at our neighborhood wide game event. We read chapter 1 in our handbooks and...

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Girl Scouts All  A resource site that is always being updated & added to. Includes ceremonies, Badgework resources, Thinking Day resources & more for Girl Scouts at all levels, Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette & Senior!

Girl Scouts of Palm Glades Council, Sebastian,Fl.This site provide service unit updates,& girl scout links for crafts, service project ideas and songs.

Girl Scout Life Songs Traditional Songs for Meetings, Ceremonies and Special Events Songs for Fun + Recycled Songs Camp and Outdoor Songs Graces Folk Songs Songs for Adult Girl Scouts Cookie Songs :

Scouting in Other Countries

General Comments
& Information

Scouting for other Age Groups

Cub Scouts

Sea Scouts & Mariner Girl Scouts
Scouting offeres sailing opportunities to teens in many parts of the world.


Adults in Scouting

About Being a Kid Again

About being a Role Model

Guiding our Youth toward an enriched, happy, productive life


HighLighting a Few of the Special Camps, Oppertunities and Events


Click here to create your own Virtual Account Visitor 44118 since 6/12/2001 Home Camping Maps & Camps Itineraries Staff Association BSA Home Page History Pictures Message Board Virtual Trek Rangers Other Links is a national camping are

The Boundary Wilderness Experience

Camp Penuel  (Note: not affiliated with BSA, but I thought it important to include information about this camp here.)

Providing free camping to inner city children.

Located in Missouri's beautiful Allegheny Mountains in Eldred.  Camp Penuel helps kids of all ages escape the "asphalt jungle" for a time of fishing, swimming, hiking, boating, tennis, basketball, and more.

Camping with a spiritual emphasis has been Camp Penuel's purpose for 25 years.  The camp has also had success in special projects geared for autistic and handicapped children.

"Suffer the little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for such is the kingdom of God"

For more information, write or call: Rev Harry Douma   Camp Penuel
Box 367 Lake Killarney
Ironton, MO 63650
(537) 546-3020

HighLighting a Few of The Special Groups Associated with Scouting

Order of the Arrow


Provides tools and information for Scouts on their way to Eagle rank, as well as info for Scouters helping them.

Misc Links and Information  This company sells dog tags for Scouts.  They have an Ad in Boy's Life magazine Jan. issue 2004. For scouts we offer a special single order price. Click on the SCOUT SPECIAL on our Home Page for details. The scout special price is only listed in the Boy's Life Ad ($6.00) for one complete set. I can also give group discounts, please let me know if you are interested.
Thank You, Nancy Henson, NHC, Inc.

Camping In British Columbia:

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